Play is a fundamental part of human existence, contributing in major ways to our shared understanding of the world.

From the children playing hide-and-seek or cops and robbers to the  Grand Theft Auto players and the D&D Dungeon Masters:

Play is a universal trait that we all share.

Play is social. Humans and animals learn through play.  Play can break down social and hierarchical barriers among players. Games are cultural constructs that can tell us about ourselves and the wider world, both through their representation, mechanics as well as their reception.

This blog is designed to record the activities of the Open University Games network (a.k.a. sOUgame circle) in order to assess, analyse and critique games – both digital and analog. It’s part review, part philosophical debate, part rant.  Though importantly and fundamentally, it records which games we thought were fun, what made them so, and how they contribute to our shared cultural heritage.

So come and see what’s on the agenda.



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